Galaxy on Fire 2 HD




An entire galaxy is waiting to be saved


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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is an action game with twenty hours of playing time where players have to pilot a spaceship and shoot their way through to save the galaxy.

During the adventure, players can explore more than thirty different star systems in which they'll stumble upon more than a hundred planets. Players can then trade with the planets' peaceful inhabitants, although not everyone in the galaxy will want to chat.

The most important part of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is its spectacular graphics, which has made the game a visual model for Android. It's not just the detailed rendering of space and spaceships, but also the fluidity with which everything moves around you.

The best thing about Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is definitely the combats aboard the more than 50 spaceships you can pilot. Additionally, all of them can be customized to your liking. You can change the weapons, the type of defenses, or just their general appearance.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a spaceship sandbox with a story that lasts over twenty hours, in which players can participate in really spectacular space battles from their smartphones.

Requires Android 3.1 or above.

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